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It's no secret that it has been a rough time for everyone right now. It has been challenging to say the least for me and my start up business Nostalchicks. We have been going through many things behind the scenes that have made us realize that it is the time to pivot.

When I started Nostalchicks my vision came to me after a trip to Disney when people were complementing my outfits really consistently through out my trip. It came at a time when I felt my styling world was starting to feel stale and not as creative as I had been in the past. I knew in that moment that it was time to start making my goal of having my own brand happen. I knew I wanted to have my own unique prints that no one else had but also add on trend fashion pieces in with them. When I started out all the work behind putting out unique prints and finding a supplier took so much of our time and resources that I wasn't able to add all the elements I had wanted yet. Now looking back sometimes I wonder if I got further away from my vision to begin with and that is why things always happen for a reason.

While we absolutely loved the quality of our suppliers products we have had quite a bit of heartache throughout the whole process since we launched in January. This pandemic hit our suppliers first, the very month we have launched and orders have not been consistent sent or on time since. We have had orders that haven't been out for 3 months due to delays and orders that have gotten to people in 5 weeks. There hasn't been much rhyme or reason and while our customers have been the most amazing and understanding people it has made me realize this is not the focus we want to go. We want to give our customers and community the best possible experience as possible. From when they first order to when they get their package of magic. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into this brand and want it to be memorable and long lasting. I started stressing and not sleeping because I had been so disappointed that these were what my customers experiences had to be like. I. was so down and spent days crying and focusing on all the wrong things. I decided there would be enough of that and I would put my focus into the positive things I can control.

I have spent these past few months and weeks really thinking about where I wanted Nostalchicks to go and what I wanted it to be. We have been eagerly making changes here and are so excited to show you what you can start to expect to see.

  • We will be offering on-trend pieces for women that are still sprinkled with my favorite things

  • We will have official licensed products and accessories. Including Disney, Nickelodeon and others!

  • We will be shipping everything personally. Short shipping turn around times.

  • We will still offer unique prints just not so many options and they will be announced when available.

  • Content that brings you value and fun

I also wanted to write this post to remind anyone that is ok to pivot. Sometimes things happen in our lives to let us know what isn't working and just bring awareness on how we can change them. Don't ever feel embarrassed to feel like something hasn't worked or assumed you've failed personally. If you aren't winning you're learning. I believe this all showed me that I got further off my course a bit and because I was scared to take that big leap I held myself back. Sometimes the things we feel are less risky cost us the most risk over all. I started feeling like I felt less like me when I was getting away from my styling roots so although this time and experience has been unfortunate it has also been leading me to where I belong. In the midst of bad things or rock bottom moments it more often than not gives us the push on how we can show up in a different way.

I also have a habit of reminding myself of the things I haven't done or didn't do well and I forget to remember all of what I've accomplished. In less than a year I have been able to build Nostalchicks, adjust to the current day pandemic and head into a different direction. Please remind yourself of the things you've done and take a step back and really look at the full picture. Give yourself credit for everything you have done and don't fear starting something new or evolving.

We can't wait for you to see all the stylish pieces coming to Nostalchicks! We will start unveiling very very soon.


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